Social Media Feedback: Response To Queries Off Social Media From Our Visit To Radio Pacis!

This Morning, our media team was hosted in the studios of Radio Pacis and many of our fans raised a few concerns for clarification but however time would not allow us respond to all of them.

This article therefore covers five key areas our fans needed clarification on through the social media platform of the station and we hope to provide more answers to more questions in subsequent radio tours this week.

  1. Preseason Preparations.

As the government gave a go ahead for the commencement of Sports activities within the region and following of the SOPs set in place, the club is hopeful that season preparations will pick up in the near future. Right now the club is undergoing the licencing of players, development of the stadium and setting up camp for the players and hopefully next week we hope to start preseason trainings.

  1. Signing 17 Players.

Many players have left the club and we intend to not only build a new team but a competitive one; The purpose of the numerous signings is to ensure we have a well balanced squad in the new season and also breed a new crop of caterpillars that will compete based on team brilliance.

  1. Departure of Players.

Onduparaka does not hold a player’s personal development and as a club we would love to always keep our players. However players have different demands and we cannot stand in the way of a player who feels his development would be better else where. We wish them all the best as a family and we continue to support them whenever we can.

  1. Meeting Financial Costs of League resumption.

We shall do every thing in our capacity to ensure we meet these costs. We hope to have new partners and sponsors on board by the Grace of God and also intend to increase our merchandise sales inorder to meet some financial obligations as the league resumes.

  1. League Without Fans.

It’s absurd that COVID has placed us in such a position and as a club we can’t do contrary to the rules; However as a club we hope to make maximum use of our media department to ensure that fans are able to get updates about the games and developments from the club.

Our media team continues with the Radio tour of WestNile region with Access FM 96.3 Lined up next for Friday 1PM..

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